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About Dr. Brian RabinNeurologist and Multiple Sclerosis Specialist

Dr. Brian Rabin is a Board-Certified Neurologist. He completed his residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson and his fellowship in Multiple Sclerosis at The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. A New Orleans native, Dr. Rabin completed his undergraduate studies at Tulane University and attended graduate and medical schools at Louisiana State University in the Crescent City. He attained honors in several areas. In his spare time, Dr. Rabin enjoys listening to music, reading, and exercising, but most of all, spending time with his family.

Importantly, until the COVID-19 pandemic passes, Dr. Rabin is able to see existing, and some new, patients over telehealth video. Visit our Telehealth page for details and FAQs.

Important: All of our providers only speak English in the clinic. If you need Spanish translation, please tell us when making your appointment.





What Patients Have to Say About Dr. Brian Rabin

"I went to see Dr Brian Rabin. He is so kind and caring. He doesn't rush your appointment and makes sure all your questions are answered before you leave. The office staff is very polite and efficient. I highly recommend this office!"

by Patsy

"I found a wonderful new neurologist!! Dr. Rabin was professional and did a great job getting the complete picture of what has been going on with my health in the past and what is the present situation. I felt like I was listened to, validated, and taken seriously. He helped me get MRI tests ordered and a referral for lab work. If you want an excellent neurologist, call and ask for Dr. Brian Rabin."

by Cathy

"Everyone there is kind, attentive, and professional. Dr Rabin is awesome. He listens and takes the time to actually listen where he hears what you say. As a nurse, I find him to be excellent in evaluating and prescribing . He has true kindness and caring for his patients. Everything is scheduled without a hitch and followed up on. He was a little late coming into my room and was very apologetic. I believe his attributes go well with the profession he has chosen. Neuro patients need that type of environment. I highly recommend him."

by Vicky

"Dr. Rabin is truly one of the finest doctors I have ever met. I’d term it as he has been taught “old school” best practices And kept up with new scholarly information, and yet he is young. He has been the most kind, tender hearted man, while at the same time, extremely professional and very well informed, in every appointment I have ever had. He “listens” even when it takes me awhile due to injuries, to express myself. He is never condescending or cavalier about my condition or what I’m going through. He actually examines a patient when he says he does. He takes notes when it is appropriate! He treats me like I am someone he values as a human being. What a concept nowadays! 😊 My experience with the medical field since two accidents has been rather unfortunate. Dr. Rabin has been such a good Dr. that I am building more confidence again, that there are still great doctors out there, who genuinely care. The office has been wonderful to me. They try very hard to do all they can to get patients in on time, and I always figure that if I have to wait anywhere, it’s likely because someone else needs a little more time. I highly recommend this clinic."

by Lori

"Dr. Rabin has great bedside manner, he took the time to listen to me and answered all of my questions. The staff were axcellent also. They were kind and got me into my appointment on time. No waiting around like other doctors offices. Once in the room, Dr. Rabin came in within a minute. It was quick and easy."

by Mike

"Wonderful staff. Dr. Rabin is extremely professional and kind. I actually got answers to questions and problems I had. My journey dealing with neurological issues has taught me that many people who are given the roles of caretakers should not be in that position. Thankfully Dr. Rabin gives me hope that there are good physicians out there who actually care and know what they are doing."

by Anonymous

"Dr. Rabin is absolutely incredible & always so insightful. He listens without judgement & is pro-active with any concerns I bring. Love everything about this place, staff, docs, imaging team, all of them are amazing."

by Rhanwen

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