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About Eric Gee, Doctor of Physical TherapyPT, DPT, Cert-DN, NKT

Eric Gee holds a doctorate in physical therapy from the Arizona School of Health Sciences. He joined Neurology Associates in February 2018 with extensive experience in his field and is licensed by the Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Gee specializes in a range of physical therapy care, including neurokinetic therapy, dry needling, and manual therapy that addresses headache, musculoskeletal, vestibular, and movement disorders. Notably, during COVID-19, Dr. Gee is able to see many follow-up patients over telehealth video (as well as in person). Video physical therapy services include patient education that encompasses home exercise programs, first aid, and more. Call our office at 480 800 4890 for more information.

Important: All of our providers only speak English in the clinic. If you need Spanish translation, please tell us when making your appointment.





What Patients Have to Say About Eric Gee, Doctor of Physical Therapy

"I've also been working with Eric Gee who is a physical therapist for the practice. He is incredibly thorough and doesn't give up until he can figure out where the problem is coming from! I have had more relief in 3 months from Dr. Gee than I have had in 2 years going to other doctors and therapists."

by Lucy

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