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About Kerby McDonaldPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner, APMHNP-BC

Kerby McDonald, APMHNP-BC, is a Board-Certified adult psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner specializing in treating adults with psychiatric mental health challenges. He understands and addresses a variety of psychiatric issues. He earned his Master of Psychiatric Nursing degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, where he also served as an adjunct faculty member before moving to Arizona to join Neurology Associates. Kerby holds more than 20 years of experience in the mental health field and greatly emphasizes the individuality of his clients in tailoring treatment.

Meet With Kerby in Clinic or Over Telehealth Video
The COVID-19 pandemic offers an opportunity to learn tools not just for surviving, but for thriving. These are difficult and unprecedented times. Kerby is meeting with new and follow-up patients, including self-pay, either in the Chandler clinic or over video. Call 480 800 4890 to book your appointment.

Important: All of our providers only speak English in the clinic. If you need Spanish translation, please tell us when making your appointment.





What Patients Have to Say About Kerby McDonald

"I have begun seeing Kerby McDonald after two accidents where people hit my car, and he has been great. This is a guy who takes people and their feelings seriously and I find him very refreshing. He has a natural gift for “de-escalating” a person who comes to him stressed and perhaps struggling with Neurological or related issues. He is easy going, Very kind, and very sharp, and makes you feel welcome in his office. He is not an ego maniac and he thinks before he speaks, and he listens, (a dying art it seems), when you need to speak. I would highly recommend him and the Neurological Associates office."

by Lori

"I enjoy working with Kerby. He is always very, very supportive and helpful. He is also professional. He works to help me be the best I can be."

by Rose Marie

"I am so pleased that my Neurologist encouraged me to see Kerby. He was wonderful - supportive and encouraging. He is very helpful to me and I am so glad that I am seeing him. Can't say enough good things about him."

by Shannon

"Kerby McDonald is the absolute best. He identified my problem and immediately knew how to treat me. Other doctors never took the time to help. Kerby actually asked me how I felt and listened. I highly recommend this office and him."

by Sharon

"I love Neurology Associates and I especially love the treatment from Kerby."

by Rose

"This was our first time going to Neurology Associates. When we walked in the door, their reception area was a pleasant surprise. It was large, fresh and bright. The receptionist was polite, nice, helpful and friendly. She made you comfortable and seemed glad you were there! Our appointment was with Kerby B McDonald, Nurse Practitioner Specialist. We didn't know what to expect, but the minute we met him he put us at ease. He was friendly and we seemed like he sincerely cared why we were there and wanted to help. He was easy to talk to and his professionalism was top notch. We now have future appointments with him. … We do recommend Neurology Associates and especially Kerby McDonald."

by MJ

"If you’re looking for mental health or psychiatric help, look no further. Kerby McDonald is the best! He answered ALL my questions and really dug deep into what the root of my issues were. He is well mannered and takes your issues very seriously, as if it were his own mental health. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else."

by Tiffanie

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