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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our providers continue to see patients in person during the COVID-19 pandemic but we also are offering virtual appointments over telehealth video. Call us with any questions or to book an appointment.

We are a full-service neurology practice offering all general neurological services to adults at our office located at 2201 W. Fairview Street in Chandler (adjacent to Chandler Regional Medical Center). We diagnose and treat a broad variety of neurological disorders. 
  • This place is fantastic! My appointment was right on time. The tech did her best to keep me at ease. And then the doctor I saw, was quick, friendly and thorough and you could tell that she did her best to make things as painless as possible. They pass on the results to your doctor, very quickly. And their patient portal is great! Glad I found this place.

    Heather L.
  • Our experience has been nothing but positive in every way. When calling, the operator is always courteous and prompt. They seem to have the appointment times down to a science. We try and be there a few minutes early and they always get us in promptly. Never a wait. Dr. Marianne DeLima is one of the most knowledgeable neurologists ever. She really knows how DBS programming works and is so kind and patient. She always takes her time with us and never rushes us out of her office. Her assistant Alisa is wonderful as well. Making sure we are comfortable and making sure we have all we need. I highly recommend Neurology Associates in Chandler. The best!

    Jaye H.
  • I've dealt with migraine headaches for almost 5 years now. During that time I've been going to Neurology Associates at their Chandler location. The office staff has always been very friendly & helpful. I was seeing Dr. David Reynolds originally and now I'm seeing Dr. Andrea An. She's a wonderful person and a great Doctor. She's always been very thorough & explains everything to me so I can understand it. Plus she always takes the time to ask me how my family is doing. She definitely goes above & beyond what most Doctors seem to these days. I Highly recommend her & Neurology Associates to anyone needing a Neurologist!!!

    Tom M.
  • Great staff! The only complaint is that they are so booked I can't hear back about my results for a month. Other than that this place is awesome!!

    Joycelyn C.
  • Dr. An is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in her practice of Neurology. She is willing to listen, and explore with the patient the nature of your symptoms. The office is very clean, and I always feel better when I leave. I would highly recommend this doctor - especially to those dealing with chronic conditions.

    Estella V.

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    We’ve served thousands of patients, and each one is like family to us.

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    Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center provides multidisciplinary care for the vast range of neurological conditions. We focus on the body and mind, all from one location for our patients' convenience.

    Available at Our Chandler Location

    In-House MRI

    Certified by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission
    Our in-house MRI capabilities provide two key benefits to patients:

    • Convenience – No more scheduling neurological imaging at different radiology offices throughout the Valley
    • Consistency – The same calibrations provide the most accurate picture of any changes over time

    Plus, because our MRI machine features specific certification, people insured by Medicare no longer have to wait weeks or even months to undergo needed exams, or seek preauthorization.
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    Jacqueline Jones on February 10th, 2020:

    Definitely, five stars, fabulous place, I felt very comfortable. I saw Dr. Rabin, he was very attentive, listened to my concerns, he's very knowledgeable, overall he is just absolutely fabulous. I left there feeling like we were on the right track.

    Yours truly,
    Mrs. Jones

    Linda Smithers on November 25th, 2019:

    I had a Neurological exam for 2 hrs and feel it was very thorough and expertly administered. I will get results this week.

    Heather.B on October 22nd, 2019:

    This clinic is a life saver! My daughter has been d/c by 4 previous neurologist because the can't figure out what kind of seizures she is having. Dr. Lockwood has been extremely helpful and makes me feel as if there is someone who cares enough to help her. She also see's Kerby McDonald NP; he is amazing and takes the time to work w/my daughter. She is special needs w/many illness and pains. He takes the time to talk w/her and asks her how she is feeling. I couldn't ask for a better team than this!

    Jennifer on August 9th, 2019:

    I love Kerby McDonald. My daughter and I have been seeing him for a couple of years and he has helped us tremendously. He is very down to earth and always listens to our problems and concerns. He is very knowledgeable and kindhearted. I had a long term sleep problem due to my racing mind and he fixed it! Thank God! =) I highly recommend Kerby if you are looking for a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

    Howard Jay De Pree on March 6th, 2019:


    paul kivila on August 23rd 2018 on August 23rd, 2018:

    Dr. Andrea An is outstanding. She is warm, patient, understanding. and friendly. She prescribed all the right tests. After my surgery she saw me and encouraged me to do a proper follow up with my other Docs. I would not hesitate to recommend my family and friends to see her. Her services are above average.

    Lynn Benson on April 25th, 2018:

    Dr. Rebecca Jones is OUTSTANDING. (As is her MA Claudia). As a new patient, Dr. Jones listened very attentively and ordered all the tests i need to make an accurate diagnosis, something my previous Neurologist would not do. I'm so looking forward to working with her once all the test results are in!!

    Cyndy WW on September 21st, 2017:

    Truly competent, friendly, and interested in what a patient has to say. The office is open and airy, and makes you feel comfortable right away.

    Joanne Kimball on September 12th, 2017:

    Kerby McDonald and Marnie Whitley have been outstanding practitioners. Thy listen and they care, and they do everything they can to help you. Just as importantly, they give you suggestions on how you can help yourself as well.

    Dale E Brown on August 29th, 2017:

    Dr. Charlie was clear and concise in his explanation. He was also patient and answered all of our questions.

    Darlene Miller on August 16th, 2017:

    I am very happy with both Dr. Lockwood and Mr. McDonald. They both made me feel at ease during my appointments and were both very easy to talk to. Also- the nurse who did my bloodwork was excellent!

    Jack Daugherty on August 9th, 2017:

    Very professional and patient considerate. It was enjoyable appointment with a professional that was easy to discuss symptoms with.

    Kelly Mills on March 8th, 2017:

    My First visit was with Dr. An. She took her time with me and listen to me regarding my accident and my symptoms. She gave me a very through examination plus ordered medications that could help the some of the symptoms I was having. My second visit was with the P.A. Michelle and she was wonderful. By my second visit I felt my mental health was worsening and I was very scared. I had recently lost my job after 10 yrs. I was told I was suffering from post concussive syndrome and the symptoms I was experiencing were normal. It was a relief to hear that because I thought I was going crazy. I was prescribed some medication that could help ease the negative symptoms and it seems like it is starting to work which I'm very grateful. The fact that I wasn't just looked at as just a number, I was treated has a person who was scared and needed help. Michelle gave me a hug at the end of the visit and assured me everything was going to be alright and I believed her.

    Carol Ann Folker on February 14th, 2017:

    I come from the East valley in Mesa out to Chandler to Neurology Assoc.for their great care. Dr. AN is the best. Ive been to other Neurologist in the past, but Dr. An takes the time yo really listen to you, and to really get down to see solve the underlying problem, not just put a bandage over it. As soon as you walk it, Dannielle is their with her bubbly personality to greet you. I would recommend anyone yo come here!!

    Bonnie Tozer on February 13th, 2017:

    Care and service at Neurology Associates had been fast, efficient, with courteous, knowledgeable staff. I've appreciated the professional consultation to my other providers.

    Patie M. on January 25th, 2017:

    I love my doctors, they always listen when i have issues and advise on what should be done (republished from our Facebook page)

    Brittany W. on December 8th, 2016:

    People ask why I go so far. I know all the doctor and all the nurses. The lady at the front desk checks me in when she sees me walk through the door. I have been here for 1.5 years and I have never been as connected and well treated. They give me every option and look deep to see how I might with a treatment. Claudia had been through a lot with me although she is not necessarily my nurse anymore she still has a welcoming smile and concern. I have been Reynolds patient but when he left I was pushed to an's and kellie's care which has felt comforting because I have seen them in emergencies. I don't think I would be happy moving neurologist and because I'm in it for life I don't plan to move. (republished from ourFacebook page)

    Stan-Lee Parod on April 16th, 2016:

    Very professional and patient. Listened, understood & explained completely

    Robert Davis on January 20th, 2015:

    Very thorough in examination and very clear in explaining diagnosis. Saw evidence of a condition he did not treat, called the other physician, and by the time I got to the pharmacy, my prescription was ready. Very proactive; excellent experience with care I received.

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